Adelina Call Center Achievements and Victories in 2019

  • At the All-Ukrainian competition “DzWINNER”, in the category of contact centers, Our staff members made it to the final stage.
    Andrei Naida as “Manager of the Year”;
    Polina Gretsko as “Mentor of the Year”;
    Irina Kirichenko as “Coach of the Year”.

  • We celebrated our anniversary of the longest cooperations with our loyal customers: Vodafone – 12 years – in particular, the service of contract subscribers and the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) services were launched; as well as Rozetka online store – 10 years, Viasat – 9 years, Vodafone Up Sale – 5 years, OKKO gas stations (Consortium Galnaftogaz) – 2 years, AUCHAN Ukraine – 3 years. We also continue our successful partnership and customer service for companies: McDonald’s, NHSU (National Health Service of Ukraine), Nokian Tyres, Bosch, LC Waikiki, IQ Energy, BVS, Volya, KOMO, Kormotech. We thank our loyal customers for their trust put on us during all these years.

  • Throughout the year, new and encouraging partnerships have been developed and we have started to serve them in the Adelina way, this includes: Jacobs, Amic, BVS, DТЕК, Good-Harvest, Аtotranskom, BSH Household appliances, MD Fashion, Demix, Globino, Globberry, LC Waikiki, HTC, Sporter, FUIB Bank, Windrose, Milavitsa, SberMobile.

  • Our Contact Centre in Kyiv, has successfully launched a global project for cooperation with diplomatic missions of Multinational partners. Customer service is provided in more than 20 languages, involving employees who come from different countries, languages, religions and cultures that provide first-class Adelina service to customers from all around the globe.

  • The third round of Adelina University has concluded. Adelina University (AU) is our internal educational programme, which aims to provide our employees the necessary tools for the realization of hidden potentials, professional and personal growth, and of course equal career opportunities. In 2019 almost 80 employees from Lviv and Kharkiv participated in such project, including 6 experienced trainers of our company who successfully developed the author’s training in time management, leadership, public speaking, of which 29 graduates who successfully passed the exams, were included in the personnel reserve of the company, and 4 received promotions and held administrative posts at the Adelina Call Center. In 2020 we expect releases in Kiev and Belgorod.

  • Adelina Call Center’s HHRR Corporate School in Kharkiv and Kyiv has collected a lot of positive feedback from our employees. 13 graduates were awarded with certificates after receiving specialized knowledge in the fields of search, selection and development of personnel.